Child protection and welfare cuts across all aspects of our policies, practices and activities. We have full commitments to safeguard the well-being of all children and young persons with whom we interact and to the implementation of policies and practices that protect children and vulnerable adults from harm.
In our policies, practices and activities we adhere to these principles of best practice in child protection and welfare:

  • We recognize that the protection and welfare of children is of paramount importance; regardless of all other considerations;
  • We fully co-operate with the relevant statutory authorities in relation to child protection and welfare matters
  • We adopt safe practices to minimize the possibility of harm or accidents happening to children and protect workers from the necessity to take unnecessary risks that may leave themselves open to accusations of abuse or neglect;
  • We develop a practice of openness with parents and encourage parental involvement in the education of their children;
  • We fully respect confidentiality requirements in dealing with child protection matters.
  • We have ensured that the necessary policies, protocols or practices as appropriate are in place in respect of each of the matters above.