Beta Africa Sports Limited is a Private Limited Liability Company duly registered in Nigeria. The objects for which the Beta Africa Sports Limited is established among others are:

  1. To establish, own, run and manage sports academy within and outside Nigeria.
  2. To engage in the business of sports marketing, branding, promotion, etc.
  3. To act as agents to individuals, corporate bodies, government agencies and multi nationals in procuring, scouting and outsourcing of sports talents.
  4. To establish, own, run and manage sports village and stadia.

Beta Africa Sports among other things aim to:

  1. Create and establish Sports Clubs across Africa.
  2. Introduce new Sports and develop Sports in Africa.
  3. Make Africa better & developed through Sports.

At the moment, Beta Africa Sports is integrating interested foreign and local investors and financiers that are prepared to fund and finance the actualization of these objects. As such we are open to investment or partnership proposals.

If you are interested in becoming our Partner, please kindly fill out and submit the contact formĀ