BETA AFRICA FOOTBALL CLUB was formed as an offshoot of the objects and aspirations of Beta Africa Sports Limited. Beta Africa Football Club Limited was incorporated on the 14th day of June 2017 with RC Number 1418919. Beta Africa Football Club has been officially registered as a Football Club with registrations to the Lagos State Football Association based on directives of the Nigerian Football Federation in compliance with Regulations and Rules of Fédération Internationale de Football Association [FIFA].

BETA AFRICA SPORTS have organized series of novelty Football Matches for young persons in Lagos.


Beta Africa, through Football advocates for certain fundamentals and causes such as Climate Change and Environmental Protection. We believe these to be true:

  1. When we protect our Environments we simply are protecting ourselves. The Earth is ours to plough but not ours to plunder.
  2. The best legacy we can leave to secure our kindred is not billions of dollars in bank accounts; rather it’s a sustainable and self enduring earth. That is the best security and truly the best legacy.

If we don’t save the earth from the impending collapse to climate change, who would save us from going into extinction? Hence, we believe we should all save the Earth now, one day at a time.

Our existential core is to ensure dreams are made real for young talented Footballers in Africa. In the nearest future, Beta Africa Sports would have produced young talented Footballers whose exploits and gifts would be crucially relevant and celebrated the world over. This would be based on the reputation of excellence we have at our existential core.